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Mobility & Telecom

Traxer® introduces a range of soutions to create new revenue generating applications, to benefit User + Telecoms Services Provider + Advertiser. Proven Solutions may be applied to Mobile phones,...


There are many applications which may benefit both Governmental & Private Healthcare Hospital, already in motion, which may benefit potential Healthcare industry in Europe, and Russia...

Port & Passenger Security

CargoTraxSingapore offers Total Security Solutions in cooperation with Major OEM’s. Software Integration by professional architects and software engineers from Manuh Global Technologies...

High Education

Welcome to Finland Where education from Kindergarten to University & beyond is Totally FREE). Finland is Safe - Secure - Clean - Corruption Free. Asian parents in China - India - Korea - Vietnam are actively...


Opportunities to join Universities in Finland for further carer enhancement on Education & Competence, FREE-of-Charge. Immediate benefits to the newly graduated Nurse, with a qualification...


Finland Charity with a Mission - offering 100% Free CityShuttle Mobility To Handicap - Veterans - Elders as well as to Feed-the Hungry & Poor. As a privately funded Registered Charity, with High Technology to...

Why Traxer?

CargoTraxSingapore® Pvt Ltd is an entity incorporated in 2008 to address an End-to-End Logistics Security Solution, and is based in the Republic of...

Our Services


Traxer® Introduces the Human Touch. Combining Technology with Mobility for Needy.

Traxer has differentiated itself by offering the first operationally tested and USPTO & EU Patented solution, branded as CargoAssetTrax®, for global multimodal Track & Trace and Security Monitoring of Containers, as well as the Assets within the Containers.

CargoAssetTrax® solution is a Unique Technical solution which penetrates the steel, that meets the needs of the global multimodal transport industry, especially in HazMat and Military & Defence Assets.

Combined with GSM-GPS-RFID technologies, CargoAssetTrax® offers a comprehensive security solution.

Traxer® believes that there is significant opportunity in the industry for a company that can introduce a Track & Trace and Security Monitoring solution to cover the entire End-to-End chain of transporting container logistics offering 24x7 vigilance.


Traxer Ltd