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Drone Defence Non Lethal Airspace Security Prevents Intrusion By Terrorists Saves Lives Non-Military Commercial Solution. Traxer® introduces the Highest Innovative Technology.Combining Technology with Imagination.Mobility to Deliver Rapid Access to Prevent Disaster.

Antenna suite combined with Radar–Laser-Short Wave Acoustic & Infra Red Camera-GSM-GPS-RF-WiFi-Multiple Sensors technologies etc.

Traxer® Combines Hardware Platform with Software Engineering with Upgrades, offer 24x7 Global Customer Service.

Traxer® Unique Non Lethal Start-to-End chain of Airspace Security may be the most Practical Viable Solution for Rapid Action, to Identify & Intercept to deactivate Explosives, Acids, Gases & HazMat to Prevent Danger to Humans.

The Technical Concept by HyperTechTraxer®

  • Mapping Perimeter & Interior – Plan & Design
  • Inner Perimeter Surveillance & up to 5000 meters Land-Air-Sea
  • Mobility-in-Motion Vehicles with Comprehensive Surveillance Equipment Antenna Suite as Complete Autonomous Operational Command & Control Centers
  • Swarm Mini-Drones 24x7 Active Seamless Continuation – Outer Perimeter
  • Microwave Signal Delivery System Safe-Simple
  • Monitor Interior with MESH Nodes Networks
  • Monitor Operatives with RFID MESH Safety Bracelet
  • Continuous R&D on Captured Drones – Evaluation & Litigation
  • Software Engineering & Customization

Core System Product

The cost of the core system product euros, including integration services, but without customizing. The core system includes the basic software. All other and new features would increase the cost.

Ex-factory sales cost without delivery 850+ k euros, which includes the installation and activation costs.

The price of pilot would be proposed on same level, but can be flexible in pricing.

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Lifecycle service

Full scale lifecycle service of the whole system
(Main Targets Of Drone Intrusion)
  • View this Video – Live action Drone Attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpFNCqCwVzo
  • Global Terrorism is now operational with High Technology, Innovation, Invention, & Imagination. A cue from Albert Einstein!
  • The days of Suicide Attacker carrying a Back-Pack of explosives or a Terrorist with an AK 47, are changing into Drones-UAV.
  • Drones are available on the Internet from USD 39.95, which may transport a 100 gm bag-of-flour, over a 15 minute time/distance, an explosion to create Panic, Stampede and serious repercussions.
  • A Drone Intrusion in Mecca & Medina may have serious casualties and consequences, of unimaginable proportions, which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may face, a nightmare for Emergency Services.

The only possible access to cause Intrusion & Disruption is by Remotely operated Drone-UAV.

  • The entire system lifecycle depends on the Applicability of the Core Software.
  • All other subsystems may have longer lifecycle.
  • Projected at least up to 3 year lifecycle of the First Systems, with options on continuous Upgrades.
  • Customer demands 100% reliable service solutions.
  • There is need to build a 24/7-service organisation in Traxer® Oy,which operates both remotely and locally.
  • For security reasons, many clients would require dedicated personnel on site 24/7 of minimum 5 operatives.
  • The basic system is estimated at € 850k ex factory.
  • Customisation may incur additional costs.
  • The projected preliminary full scale lifecycle service costs estimated at € 800k per year.
  • Compare that 30 minutes air traffic closure at a major airport hub would cost minimum 1 million dollars.
  • Cost of an aircraft: New 747-8 passenger jet now lists for $367.8 million.
  • A Fully Laden Jumbo Jet at Take-off or Landing, intruded by a Drone-UAV into the Turbine, may destroy the plane and its 300++ passengers, causing severe consequences, beyond belief.