Why Traxer?

About Traxer!

Open B2B2C Windows of Global Opportunity Traxer Ltd a UK registered company since 2002, is based in Finland. The Interactive Business Development Network encompasses Europe - Russia - USA - Middle East - Asia.

Traxer seeks, as well as offers, Business Development opportunities in Europe, Russia, Middle East and in Asia, as Investor-Innovator-Partner-Sub Contractor, offers challenging employment creating opportunities to TechnoPreneurs.

In partnership with American - Indian Technology Group, Traxer offers options to enter the American market in Healthcare. The highly lucrative American market also has strict controls and restrictions on entry. Traxer partners may offer advice on various aspects of legitimate access to entry.

Traxer Drives to Reduce Costs and Optimise Operational Revenues.

As LifeLine Traxer® logo presents, A Global B2B2C Network.

A Hive of Activity, Creating Windows of Opportunity & Challenge, Create Wealth in Co-operation with a Multi Cultural Team.


To provide a Patented End-to-End near Real Time 24x7 Global Visibility, Control, Security & Logistics management to, Cargo & Assets, from the Point-of-Loading into a Steel Container (Duplex Communications, Access, Visibility & Audit, inside the Steel Container, breaching the Principles of Faraday’s Cage) up to the Point-of-Discharge & Delivery.


To be the Total Services Integrator and Market Leader in a niche within HazMat, Defence, Explosives, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling industry, offering a comprehensive global service.

Why Singapore?

The move from Europe to Singapore reflects the strategic importance of Singapore as a Centre of Excellence in the Maritime Services Industry.

The dynamic positive leadership in the Government of Singapore supports innovation both in technology and marketing, especially within the Maritime industry.

Singapore, with one of the largest commercial Ports in the World, is located strategically to serve Asia-Pacific, Africa, Australasia, Europe and Americas.

Singapore is a pioneer in the Green Lane Access to Ports of USA, due to highest security efficiency and efficacy, supporting the Container Security Initiative.

There are many other benefits which the Clean & Green Singapore offers!


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