About CargoTraxSingapore


CargoTraxSingapore® Pvt Ltd is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in 2008 and based in the Republic of Singapore.

The company was established for the following reasons:

  • To be close to the target major customers.
  • To leverage on Singapore’s strategic position in the maritime container shipping industry.
  • To ride on the Singapore government’s push towards innovation and centre for R&D in advanced technologies.
  • To apply for a standard for CargoAssetTrax® Solution for Supply Chain Security.

CargoTraxSingapore® has differentiated itself by offering the first operationally tested and USPTO & EU Patentedsolution, CargoAssetTrax®, for Global Multimodal Tracking, Tracing & Security Monitoring of Containers, and Assets within the Containers, 24x7.

As the CargoAssetTrax® solution is the only available solution that meets the needs of the global multimodal transport industry, the management of CargoTraxSingapore® believes that there is significant opportunity in the industry for a company that can introduce a tracking, tracing and security monitoring solution to cover the entire end-to-end chain of transporting containers.


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