PinkPanther® 100% FREE CityShuttle
Give Back to Community!
Help Us to Help Them!

*Helps Handicap-Veterans-Elders.
*Collects & Delivers surplus food.
*Feeds the Poor @ Feeding Centres.
*Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR-on-Wheels)
*100% Tax Deductible Charity!

This is a Unique self-funding project, after an initial launch of First Coach (€150k), to Demonstrate as Proof-of-Concept, and to demonstrate the High Mobility Visual in Advertising Revenue.

TV Electronic Advertising Revenue Rolls as the Vehicle Stops:

Vehicle Stops at Public Bus Stops to allow Passengers to Embark & Disembark, upto Ten (10) minutes, each Stop.

Location Based, GSM - GPRS - GPS Wireless Remote Monitoring Software allows advertisers to instruct Changes and Updates of Advertisements to Target specific consumers, within minutes.

Changes may be updated-on-Demand, by Traxer Software Engineers, Designers, Architects, located at Manuhtech in Vizag India, on instructions given by Traxer Finland, at a fraction of EU costs.

YLE News :

Finnish National TV & Radio Broadcasting

Believe It or Not! The Bread line! - https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/who_stands_in_the_bread_queue/7667182
Finland's Poor - Nearly One Million! https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/poverty_in_finland_on_rise/8340717

FREE Ride 100% Door-to-Door:

» Concept of offering a 100% Totally Free CityShuttle Service within Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa to Handicap-Veterans-Elders.
» Based on Smart Card, carried by user, offering Demographics to Control Centre, on specific needs.
» Monday-Friday 0900-2100, to visit Local shops, Medicare, Church, Special Events, Door-to-Door.

Advertising Opportunities:
» GSM Communications - Telia / Elisa Vodafone
» Fuel - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) - GASUM

Traxer Invites:
» Investors - VC - Advertisers - Sponsors - Creative Staff.

Potential Advertisers:
» Banking - Insurance - Travel - Communications - Fuel
» Airlines - Passenger Ferries - Road & Rail
» FMCG - Fashion - Accessories - Motor Vehicles
» Fast Food - Special Offers - Restaurants
» Sports Events - Competitions
» TV News Updates - Emergencies
» Burt Bacharach ~ Trains And Boats And Planes

Traxer Benefits to City Authorities:
» FREE CityShuttle will save costs at KELA Social Service
» Instead of Subsidised Public Transport,
» Use FREE CityShuttle.

» Less Petty Crime by hungry refugees. Shall alleviate Police action, time & costs.

Collect & Deliver Surplus Food:
from supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants to Feeding Centers operated by HurstinApu, Diacor (Romanian-Bulgarian), and by Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa in Helsinki.

Promotes Sales:
Remote Control LBS-GPS-GSM Video Advertising Driven to Location.
Operational costs shall be recovered by-;
» Unique Business Concept - Mobile Advertising.
» Interactive as in UK-USA.
» Driven to your Target Market. Promotes Special Offers.

Business Analysis:
» Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Wheels.

Creates New Employment:
The project shall employ 5 - 10 Technologists for operations.
» Each bus will employ 3 Bus Drivers. Twelve month start-up plan to have 10 buses = 30 drivers.
» Each bus will have paid part-time students to assist the passengers. New On-the-Job-Training on Gerontology and Human care.
» Will generate higher revenue to Retail Supermarkets.
» Reduce costs to KELA on subsidising transport costs of needy.
» Alleviate petty crime.
» No cost to Cities of Helsinki - Espoo - Vantaa, to operate this 100% Free CityShuttle.
» Cost Analysis: 0900 - 2100 - 12 hours = 43,200 seconds of Advertising Time/day.

Investment Opportunity:
RoI - 8 - 12 months:
» Proposed Advertising Rates Offered at €1.00/second.
» Initial Target 15% of total Time during Year One = 6480 sec/day = 30 days - €194,400-;/month/vehicle
» Estimated Operational Costs = €30,000 - 35,000/month/venicle,
» Economies of Scale with increased Vehicles & Concept.

» Example: Out-of-Home Advertising (OoH) Revenue in 2014 = €94 million.
» Main Competitors: ClearChannel - JC Decaux - Street Media - Buses - Trams - Bill Boards (Driving visual 1-2 seconds)

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