Higher Education

Education & Training - Different Streams

Education plays an important role in Asian culture. Asian parents, especially in China - India - Korea -Vietnam as well as in many other Asian countries, are actively seeking optional opportunities to optimise education of their children.

Asian culture is dedicated to the academic welfare of the next generation.

Whilst the exceptionally wealthy Upper Class, the Top 10% of the population have resources and possibilities to send their children for Secondary & Higher education to USA - UKAustralia - Canada, at costs from US$ 200,000 upwards annual expenditures, the lesser privileged were confines to domestic education.

In India, especially where the school population exceeds 200 million, it is the dream of the High School student population, especially the University Graduates, to seek opportunities to enter the prestigious Universities in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia for Graduate and Post Graduate streams.

Finland which prides as one of the Best Centres of Excellence in Education in the World, offers FREE Education from Primary school upto Post Graduate studies, and especially Research.

Gaining entry into the Finnish Education Stream may save a student upto US$ 200,000-; or even more. Accommodation and living costs being a common factor, in all other options, Finland may be an Option of Choice.

Recently, the Central Bank of India has taken a bold positive step to assist the promising Indian students with a Student Loan, guaranteed by parents or well-wishers or philanthropic sponsors.

With the Tier One Top Indian students continuing their University and Post Graduate education in Finland joining the Finnish students, may facilitate the development of the next generation of Global Leaders of Multi National Conglomerates.


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