Gain an European Union (EU) University Degree in Nursing with a Registered Nurse (RN) status.

Immediate benefits to the newly graduated Nurse, with a qualification as Registered Nurse (RN) raises the professional status and recognition, with a higher wage, immediately.

Instead of employment as a semiskilled Domestic or Medical Care Worker in the Middle East countries, where the monthly wage may be a restricted to US$ 150 - 300/month, an EU Registered Nurse with an EU University Degree or professional recognition, may command an entry level wagescale from US$ 2500/month upwards, in a professional designation.

Once again the University education in Finland is FREE or Pro Bono, but living costs should be taken into consideration. There are several legal requirements to gain entry into Finland, with a Student Visa, valid for 2 or 3 years.

According to Ministry of Health of Finland statement-; Once the foreign graduates successfully complete their education, Finland may offer the graduates Permanent Residential & Work Permit & offer Employment Placements in Finland to address the short fall in Nursing staff.

Extended Life-Span in EU offers Opportunities in Gerontology.

Most EU and European Countries have State Funded Medicare from Cradle-to-Grave.With the European population extending their life-span due to better diets and efficient healthcare, has created a drastic need for Eldercare.

The Eldercare or Gerontology, is normally supported by the State or through Private Insurance Policies, has created opportunities for over 100,000 care workers per annum within EU.


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