Will China Sea-Dragon Control the Seas, the Container Shipping Freight Logistics & Global Supply Chain?

With 90% of all consumables depending on sea-born logistics, the shenenigans of the shipping industry should beof interest....

British Fear Safety & Security of Passenger Ferries. Scandinavian Ferry Security Serious Concern!

Crack British troops storm a passenger ferry in a training ­exercise designed to combat deadly ISIS attacks on UK shipping.The dramatic...

British security services brace themselves for potential Islamic State maritime attack

BRITISH spies fear Islamic State terrorists could try to hijack a tanker or passenger ferry bound for UK ports. Special forces are preparing...

Ferries to/from Finland has 14+ million passengers 2014. Passenger traffic - 2014 Sea Ports - 14,381,478

Finnish Port Association publishes various goods and passenger traffic statistics, that are based partially on information from the finnish...

Helsinki (Finland – passenger)

The only port to see a growth out of the top five passenger ports. A three percent increase is passenger numbers resulted in 10,637,000...

Port Security & Anti Smuggling

CargoTraxSingapore offers Total Security Solutions in cooperation with Major OEM’s.

Software Integration by professional architects and software engineers from

Core services offered:

Security with state of the art equipment and hardware peripherals:
      » Perimeter Intruder Detection & Protection Systems
      » Vehicle Inspection & Detection for Explosives & HazMat
      » Human Smuggling Inspection & Detection
      » Optional Personal Security Band for Passengers
      » Compulsory Personal Security Band for Drivers

Software Platform (Traxer® Finland) enables following:

      » Connectivity with Social Security Register + Vehicle Registration Data Base.


To be effective, the Software Platform should be connected with All Ports Overseas which Connect Passengers & Vehicles with Destination for Finland, granting access to Finland Immigration Services and Finland Police.

      » Include Passport Scanning Data.

      » Facial Recognition

      » Passenger & Asset Monitor Details:

          » Secure Walk-in Passenger - Optional Security Band

          » Secure Drive-in Passenger - Compulsory Security Band
          » Secure Vehicles with/without Passenger - RFID Tag
          » Secure Cargo & Assets - RFID Tag
          » HazMat Security - GSM-MESH-RFID

Risks & Rewards of Passenger Ferries Serving 14+ million Passengers/ Year between Finland - Sweden, Baltics , Germany and Russia.

Traxer Ltd Oy and CargoTraxSingapore Pvt Ltd. Introduces the Problems & the Solution....


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