R&D Tech in EU

Introduction of Indian - Israeli Software Specialists for defined periods to European Union.

India has the largest wealth of English educated Technology engineers and specialists in the world.

Specially in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) due to the largest single Telecoms User market of nearly 900 million subscribers, has accelerated the development of Competitive Applications to satisfy the User - Service Providers and other beneficiaries.

Traxer partners are able to delve into the EU Telecoms Market to identify applications which may benefit all stakeholders.

Furthermore, the Indian Software specialists may offer several options on co-operation to satisfy the demands of the client & user, creating a Win-Win situation.

The Indian Software Technologists, Integrators, are available on a Time or Project basis.

They may be hired On-Shore or Off-Shore, with no legal or financial constrains or repercussions which are affiliated with Employment Laws in European Union.


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