Mobility & Telecom

Traxer® introduces a range of soutions to create new revenue generating applications, to benefit User + Telecoms Services Provider + Advertiser.

With dynamic developments in Mobile Technology, where Free Global Telecoms connectivity is facilitated by SKYPE, Yahoo, Google, WhatsApp, Viber with many others in the pipeline, the revenues of traditional Telecoms Services Providers are depleted.

Furthermore, government legislation may force Telecoms Services Providers to forego additional Roaming Charges, depleting another major revenue source.

Penalties are being imposed on random advertisers spamming the users of mobile handsets.

Traxer® has a range of revenue centric applications which may promote tripartite co-operation between Telecoms.

Services Providers - Advertisers - Mobile Telephone Users. This is a Win-Win compromise to all participants.

Proven Solutions may be applied to Mobile phones, Internet users, Cable TV channels.


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